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Bodrum Attractions


Bodrum is a tourism region that has been a center of interest for a long time with its fluent life and modern facilities. There are dozens of beauties in Bodrum. With enormous climatic conditions, the beaches that fill the eye and nature are almost a corner of paradise. It is possible to say that everywhere in the world, tourists come to Bodrum and that every culture, especially in the summer, leaves itself in a unique atmosphere of Bodrum. Kelimenin is a star that literally shines in Bodrum. We chose the best for you from many points to be seen and visited:


BODRUM CENTER DARK: The region is identified with its name in its entirety. Green another green, blue another blue.

KARAİNCİR BAY: Between the two hills is a magnificent beauty. Karaincir bay is one of the most preferred beaches of the region and one of the favorite areas with warm sea water.

AQUARIUM DARK: Kelimenin is a beautifully aquarium-shaped, glowing shade of blue. It is definitely one of the places we recommend you to visit in Bodrum.

SUNBATIMI BEACH: It is one of the most popular beaches of Bodrum. As its name implies, it is one of the places where you can enjoy the best sunsets.

FENER BEACH: It is an ideal spot for those who want to sunbathe with some breeze winds in Bodrum holidays. In terms of location, it is a zone of light winds.

BODRUM BARLAR SOKAĞI: It is one of the most famous areas of Bodrum. Gleam is the glowing nightlife and the street where dozens of top-level entertainments last until the first lights of the morning; It is a point you will enjoy the basement.

GÜMBET BARLAR SOKAĞI: At least as famous as the Bodrum Barlar streets, the region has a colorful spot that has reached the peak of fun with its fluent night life.

VENICE: You can see the unique views of the Aegean sea from the best spot and the traces of the Venetian civilization, which was here at a time of history. The region, which attracts a great deal of attention from domestic and foreign tourists, is worth the time to see.

BODRUM KALESİ: It is the most important of Bodrum’s icons. The fortress standing steadily in its history of 600 years is one of the cultural tourism points of interest to both domestic and foreign tourists.

MİNDOS KAPISI: Bodrum has always been in an important position in its fascinating history. Bodrum, the most famous leader of a period, became a favorite city in Alexander the Great and the first point that he used in the siege of Bodrum was the Mindos Gate. We recommend that you add it to your trip lists.

PEDASA ANTIQUE CITY: A carefully preserved historical heritage. If you want to visit a place that keeps a light from the past in your visit to Bodrum, you can choose Pedasa Antique City.

ANCIENT CITY OF BARGHIA: In this ancient city on the slopes of the village of Bargilya you can feel yourself thousands of years ago in pieces of thousands of years old columns, temples and ancient theater.

MADNASA ANTIQUE CITY: This ancient city on the backs of Turkbuku and Gölköy in Bodrum will captivate you with its impressive atmosphere.

ANTIQUE THEATER: An enormous antique theater is the oldest theater in Anatolia. The building, which has a capacity of 13,000 people, continues to host many festivals and concerts among the rare touches of history today.

APOSTOL CLUB: Located on the Gündoğan site of Bodrum, this church is the focus of history lovers.

BODRUM MOZOLE: It is shown as one of the seven wonderful buildings in the world’s antiquity works. This work, created by combining Greek and Egyptian civilizations in an artistic way, will impress you with a daylight lantern which will be your past.

BODRUM UNDERWATER ARCHEOLOGY MUSEUM: Among the world’s best among the Underwater Archeology Museums. He was also awarded the “Special Praise” prize in the 1995 Museum of the Year competition. It will be one of the ideal sightseeing stops for those who want to take a short city tour in Bodrum.

ZEKI MÜREN ART MUSEUM: Unforgettable name of Turkish Art Music The house of Zeki Müren in Bodrum is hosting its guests as a museum since 2000. A lot of Zeki Museum belonging to the artist is exhibited.

LASSOS: It is a Bodrum stop worth seeing with its immaculate sea, where the delicious olive oils of Bodrum are produced with dedication and charming beauty.

HÜSEYİN BURNU PENERİ: The lantern, which has the characteristic of being a French architect, is an ideal upgrade for watching a beautiful sea view. In addition, the historic building next to the lighthouse serves as a restaurant today. While you are enjoying delicious delicacies in your visit, you can gaze at the crystal clear sea and endless horizons.

ADABOĞAZI: In a charming island, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, which is very rare. Because of the short distance to the island, transportation is easy.

TUZLA BIRD PARADISE: Between November and April, the dance show created by the birds in Tuzla Bird Paradise, the focal point of birdwatchers, will enchant you.

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