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Fethiye Attractions

Fethiye Travel Guide


Fethiye is a Mediterranean town full of beauty with words that can not be explained. If you are a nature lover and are looking forward to discovering new horizons in your life, you have a great choice for your holiday. In the natural paradise of Fethiye you will find cute little coins, sandy beaches, islands, warm climate and fertile lands and a picture of the green pine forests of the Taurus Mountains. In the city of lights, you will feel that your holiday pleasure has turned into an euphoria, and you will be witness to how history and culture integrate with the natural beauty of the landscape.
Fethiye is located 50 km from Uluslararasi Dalaman Airport on the coast of Turkey where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean.

Have all the possibilities for the travelers and the yachts. Göcek Bay and its marinas, about 35 km from Fethiye, are also the favorite places of Mediterranean yachts in recent years …
Starting from Eşen Yaylas, the entire region is covered with pine forests and ascension to the southwest of the Taurus Mountains. The height of these mountains reaches to 2000 mt. On the hot summer days, under the blue skies, the snow landscapes on the high hills just behind the pine forests are truly worth seeing. A distinctive feature of Fethiye, which is a rich flora covered with thousands of plants ranging from citrus trees to citrus trees, as well as pine trees on the slopes of the mountains. The daily forest covering an area of ??approximately 100 hectares is an ideal camping and picnic area Is being used. The dried shells of these trees are important as incense material in the region since antiquity, as well as in the resinous cosmetics industry in the resinous of the daily (mature) trees.
Fethiye features typical Mediterranean climate. The average temperature of hot summer days is 30 ° C. This value is around 12 ° C during rainy winter months. The seawater temperature in winter does not fall below 17 ° C.

Agriculture is the biggest source of income in Fethiye, which has fertile and fertile lands. Therefore, unlike other tourism centers in the world, life in Fethiye continues to be active outside the summer season.
Production of industrial agricultural products such as cotton, sesame, tobacco and anise together with greenhouse and garden farming contribute greatly to the district economy. About 250.000 tons of greenhouse and field tomatoes are produced annually and presented to domestic and foreign markets. Beekeeping and honey production also have a very high potential. Another richness of Fethiye is the fact that Turkey is an important chrome export center with the world’s 4th largest chrome reserves.
Climate conditions allow almost all vegetables and fruits to be grown.
The county market that brings together producers and consumers every Tuesday in a natural shopping environment is really worth seeing. The shopping centers in the district also serve tourists and local people throughout the day. The Paspatur Bazaar in the center carries the “old city” around the mosque and the old bathhouse, dating from the Ottoman period, with carpets, leather, jewelery, textiles and other souvenir shops. You will be delighted to discover a “Land of Lights” full of spectacular wealth while sipping your cup of tea or tea at a café in Paspatur, where you can meet the local natural, historical and cultural values ??and relax.

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