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The name Habesos, proved with archaeological finds, is the oldest name of the ancient city. The ancient city is mentioned in history with the name Antiphellos. Antiphellos is at the crossroads of the routes connecting the Karia and Lycian Regions, and it is also a trade port. Macedonian King Alexander the Great, during the Anatolian campaign, was under the rule of the kingdom. After Alexander's death at a young age, the region changed hands between the Seleucids and Ptolemaios. The ancient city gained importance during the Roman period and became a bishopric center during the Byzantine period. In this period, he suffered Arab raids and later joined the Anatolian Seljuk lands and took the name of Andifli. Following the collapse of the Anatolian Seljuk State, the Tekeoğulları took over the principality and the Ottoman Empire joined the lands of Yıldırım Beyazıt during the reign of the Ottoman State. In antiquity, it is known that today the Likyalılar, dwelling on the peninsula between Antalya and Fethiye gulfs, known as "Teke Peninsula", are named as Lukkalılar in Hittite texts. It is known that they have a strong national consciousness as early as the 2nd millennium BC. The concept of "unity" in this Anatolian people, who are related to Luwians, At the end of the 15th century, the Assuwa Confederation, founded by the Anatolian peoples against the Hittites, was founded. In Kadesh they must be against the Egyptians against the Hittites, Homer's Iliad Legend, the Akha Hellenes against the Trojans, and this consciousness is a concrete indication of "expansion of Anatolian unity". BC They read from Herodot that they were unable to resist Persians by seeing that they could not resist the Persians and that they gathered their guns at the castle of Xanthos and set them on fire and that the soldiers fought to the last person and wrote a unique heroic legend for the sake of freedom. The transformation of national solidarity consciousness, which brings them together, In the 5th century, Persia and Athens did not digest the sovereignty of the city, but merely merged some cities together; The Athenian Isocrates At the beginning of the 4th century, it is also said that "Nobody has ever been a gentleman to the Lycian". This national consciousness, which the Lycians had exhibited in the early days with the Anatolian peoples and among themselves, It was officially institutionalized in the first half of the 2nd century. As a result, a 'Lycian League' was established, essentially based on a democratic law within which Lycian cities and their citizens were ruled by voting-based elections. Because BC. In the period between 187-168, the spirit of unity and unity that surrounded all the countries in rebellion and insurrection aimed at independence against Rhodos reached its peak. BC After the liberation won in 168/67, this historical decision came. This "unity" constitution, which is an example of contemporary western governments, is unique in the ancient world. The Lycian Union is not the first and only known union in ancient times; In the 8th century, "Ion Union" was established in Anatolia and then a large number of local units were established in Greece. In the majority of these, different ethnic groups such as the Akha, Tessera and Macedonian associations came together and formed a union. The most important and decisive difference that distinguishes the Lycian Union from these is that it is "national"; Because the cities that make up the Union have a common historical background and culture as the same socalled peoples. The state structure is the most democratic of antiquity associations because the members of the Greek unity and the heads of the parliaments are usually of military descent, In the democracy of Athens, the presidents had the right to remain in that "lifetime" position, while in Lycia the presidents were elected from one city every year and every time, and while none of the antique ages had female members, the Lycian Union 'The women in the council could possibly have been elected president of the council. The Roman historian Livius described Patara as "the center of the Lycian League". In the first year of the Patara excavations that started in 1988, it was argued that the magnificent remains facing the northern side of the Theater towards the Agora in the east could only be a Union Council; It is believed that this view was confirmed by numerous the monumental inscriptions written for the sculptures of Lykiarkhs from different cities, which were found in the theater-like architecture and the portico in front of the excavations that started in 2000. According to the accounts, "The Lycans came from Crete, formerly barbarians in Crete, the sons of Europe, Sarpedon (the hero king of Lycia), and Minos, who fought for the Kingdom of Crete, and when Minos won the war, Sarpedon was expelled from Crete, The name of the land in which the Lycian people lived today was Milyas, the Milyas called Solyms, the Lycianes called the Termil when they came to Milyas, and their neighbors today called them Termilai (Termilai) The country. " Athenian Pandian son Lykos (Lycos: Greek wolf means) was also driven by his brother Aigeus, who came to Lycia to Sarpedon. This is what Lycos (Lycos) is referring to as the Lycian in Termiller. " Although there are beliefs in many cultures that people continue their lives after death, and therefore have a proper housing in their lives after death, they are nowhere seen as widely as in Anatolia. Burying a landscape similar to a dead house in Anatolia, İ.Ö. Starting from the second half of the 3rd century BC, it continued without interruption until the end of the Roman Imperial period and as a result, many grave structures in architectural sense were created. One of the different types of tombs seen in Anatolia is Sarcophagus. Some of the works that arrive from Lycia at the beginning of the day are the tombs carved on the rocks in some of the Lycian cities and sarcophagi scattered on all sides. The most spectacular of these sarcophagi today is the Lycian Written Memorial Mezard which is located in Uzuncarsı Caddesi in Kaş (Andifli) and is named as the King's Tomb in the People (4th century BC) .This piece consists of one block and is in eight lines of Lycian language There is an inscription. This sarcophagus, made of a single block, comes in a well-sunlit location and is 1.5 m. There are bead motifs on the bottom of its length and an inscription of Lycian eight lines. B.C. Since the tomb of this tomb dated to the 4th century BC could not be read, it was not understood to whom it belonged. A rectangular prism shaped statue of the monument was laid on top of it. On the north-western pediment of the cover, a female figure with a sad looking man, with his right leg hanging on his left leg, was worn. On the south-eastern pediment, there is a figure of a woman standing and wearing a long mantle. In addition, lion reliefs were painted on both sides of the sarcophagus. The western side of the lid is shaped like a window.

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