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Kayseri Travel Guide

kayseri-ucak-bileti Kayseri is a leader in Central Anatolia. Kayseri, one of the oldest cities in the world, is in the region called Cappadocia in classical ages. This region, located to the south of Kızılırmak, extends from Salt Lake to the Euphrates River. The Silk Road passes through here.


The name of the city of Kayseri is Caesarea in Latin, and the name καισαρία (kaysaria) in Greek is Turkish. Their former names are Mazaka and Kaisareia (French Césarée) ... Kayser or kaysar is a form used in the Islamic countries of Caesar (Greek: καισαρ, kaisar) title given to Roman and Eastern Roman (Byzantine) emperors. Ottoman sultans II. Starting from Mehmed, they also used Kayser-i Rum title among their official titles. Caesar is the nickname of Caius Julius Caesar, a Roman statesman (100-44 BC). The first Roman emperor, Octavianus Augustus, Caesar's spiritual son, adopted Caesar's nickname as an honorary title. Later Roman emperors used Caesar and Augustus titles together. Russian rulers adopted the title of Russian tsar (Russian: цар, tsar), which is the Russian form of Caesar, shortly after the conquest of Istanbul by the Turks in 1453. The aim of naming is to resist the claim of the Ottoman sultans to become heirs to the Greek Cypriot and to claim the inheritance of the Byzantine throne. The Holy Roman german empire (961-1804), the Austrian empire (1806-1918) and the German empire (1871-1918) also used the Latin Caesar and the German Kaiser titles. Especially the last German emperor II. Wilhelm (1888-1918) brought the title of Kaiser to the forefront. In Turkish, the nickname of the German emperor is often used as a kayzer, while the nickname of the former Greek and Ottoman rulers is written in kayseri. Also at the summit of Yılanlıdağ, the grave kabrid belonging to the greatest King of Cappadocia was discovered, a very old historical castle around it and a mint in the middle of the castle. According to a tablet uncovered in the excavations inside the fort, it is claimed that underground cities and treasures are hidden in this mountain. Erciyes Mountain, Kayseride, which is 3917 meters high, which is one of the most important volcanic mountains of Turkey. The Erciyes Ski Resort on Erciyes Mountain is one of the most important ski resorts in Turkey. The city is also home to Erciyes University, one of the leading universities of Turkey, opened in 1978, and Meliksah University, which opened in 2008. Some famous businessmen are Kayseril such as Kadir Has, Tuncay Aydogdu, Hüsnü Özyeğin, Hacı Boydak, Asım Kibar, Mustafa Köseoğlu, Saffet Aslan, Kemal Dedeman and Tuncay Özilhan. The root of Sabans is Kayser. Also famous architect Sinan, Aşık Seyrani and 11th President Abdullah Gul and TRNC President Derviş Eroğlu'da Kayserilidir. It draws attention with the width of Kayseri city roads. Kayseri has come a long way in terms of industry and is one of the leading industrial cities of Turkey. Many famous brands come from Kayseri. Kayseri; Sausage, bacon and is famous with reason. Turkey's first 32864-seat closed football stadium is located in Kayseri. B.C. Kanis Mound, an important center in the 2800s, is located 20 km north east of Kayseri. Kayseri was one of the most important cities of the Danişmentller Principality established by Danişment Gazi, the strongest of the Anatolian Seljuk Principalities founded in Anatolia after the Battle of Malazgirt. M.S. In 260 years the population exceeded 400,000. Sectors are esteemed in Kayseri Media: There are a 7-day political newspaper, 2 national, 4 local TV and 16 radio stations registered in the RTÜK and 1 local internet site in the city center of Kayseri. Erciyes Newspaper's web offset is printed from daily newspapers and the others are printed with sheet offset system. Press Advertisement Agency has its branch in Kayseri. Kayseri TV, Elif Tv, KAY Tv, Kanal 38 and Erciyes University Campus TV and Kayseri media have shown great improvement.

Socio-economic development index

According to the indices where the socio-economic developments of the provinces were followed, Kayseri was 15 in 1996, 19 in the last indekste which was prepared in 2003 and published in May 2004. The sequence change is -4. In both index studies, Kayseri was among the second-ranked illiterates.


Agriculture comes after industry, commerce and transportation sectors in the Kayseri economy. 671,000 hectares of land is used in agriculture. This amount corresponds to 40% of provincial lands. 13% of the province's industry is non-agricultural, 6% is meadow-pasture and 41% is forest shrubbery. 48% of the arable land is devoted to cereal cultivation and 42% is left in custody. The cluster is divided into legumes, industrial plants, oilseeds, tubers, vegetables and fruit. 150,000 hectares of 607,000 hectares of irrigable land can be economically watered. Irrigation projects are under construction since yield will increase 5-6 times in irrigated agriculture while irrigation capacity increases.


Small and big cattle breeding in Kayseri is closer to the average of Turkey and it is more developed than small potantial potantial potency. The poultry existence is at twice the level of Turkey average. Among the animal products produced in Kayseri, monetary value is first order meat, second order milk and third order in egg. White meat is the 4th main product. Freshwater fisheries in Kayseri are also developing continuously.


Kayseri is not rich in forest potential. 0.5% of Turkey forest is in Kayseri. In Kayseri, there are 107000 hectares of forest land including 22,000 hectares normal and 85,000 hectares damaged. The weakness of the forest structure also limits the production of forest products.


Small industrial sites and organized industrial zones can be considered as the infrastructure of the industrial sector. Nearly 3,500 workplaces were built in Kayseri within the scope of CSR. There are 8 CSRs in operation. There are 6 organized industrial zones in Kayseri. 1. Mimarsinan Organize Industry and İncesu Organize Sanayi regions outside the Organized Industrial Zone started the activity in 2005 and they have not yet contributed to the industry. Kayseri Free Trade Zone is seen as important in the framework of industrial infrastructure. Kayseri Free Zone has the biggest free zone of Turkey. According to 2007 data, Kayseri Free Zone operates 43 facilities.

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