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Konya Travel Guide


Surrounded by Ankara, Eskişehir, Afyon, Isparta, Antalya, Karaman, Mersin, Niğde and Aksaray, which is located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey, it is the biggest city in terms of the area of Turkey. It is the 6th biggest city of Turkey in terms of population. 2010 According to TUIK data, there are 31 provinces, 170 towns and 581 villages with the provincial center. It is claimed that the name of the city of Konya that gave its name depends on the word "Icon" in the meaning of Sacred Description. Mythology has different rumors on this subject. As explained in one of these stories, a monument is made as a gratitude to the person who killed the dragon that dangles in the city, and a picture is drawn on it. The name given to this moment is İkonion. The name of ikonion turns into Icconium over time. In the Roman period, the names Emperor changed, such as Claudiconium, Colonia Selie, Augusta İconium takes new names. The other names given to the region and the region that passed through Tokonion in the Byzantine sources are: Ycconium, Conium, Stancona, Conia, Cogne, Cogna, Konien, Konia ... The Arabs changed the name of the city to Kuniya. In Seljuk and Ottoman times, this name changed to Konya. Today, the city still carries Konya name. Konya Lakes Salt Lake: Salt Lake is formed in the center of the closed basin. Ankara, Konya, Aksaray border, and some of them are located within the boundaries of Konya province. Salt Lake is the second largest lake in Turkey. The depth is about 12 m. In the summer season, the area is getting smaller with the effect of evaporation. Salt deposits occur in dried sections. A part of Turkey's salt needs are provided here. It is not used for irrigation and aquatic products. Beysehir Lake: It lies on the west of Konya and on the border of Konya-Isparta. Beyşehir Lake is the third largest lake in Turkey. At the same time, the largest fresh water lake. Tectonic-Karstic events have come to fruition. It is also one of the most important national parks of Turkey. Within the national park area there are water reservoirs, mountain sports and hunting sports at the same time. Economic value is high in terms of aquatic products. The lake has two beaches, 22 islands and many rocks. Lake An important bird from Ornithological point of view is breeding, accommodation, nutrition and accommodation. With this aspect, tourism is important. Akşehir Lake: It is located on the border of Konya-Afyonkarahisar province in the north west of Konya province. The water is sweet. It has come to fruition with tectonic events. It shows economic value in terms of aquatic products. It is used as irrigation water and is made in reed production. Suğla Lake: It is located to the south west of Konya Province. Formation is tectonic. In rainy years, the area is expanding widely and in the dry years the lake is dry and alluvial lake basin emerges and forms a good agricultural area. The water is sweet. It is a big issue in terms of water products and irrigation. Ilgın (Çavuşçu) Lake: It is located to the north west of Konya province. Formation is tectonic. The juices are sweet. It is important for aquatic products. There is also a foot and a crossbow. Eregli Akgöl: It is in the west of the Ereğli district. It is the old lake basin. It is very shallow. The juices are sweet. It is nourished by the water coming from the Ivriz. More than 200 bird species live in Akgöl reeds. Therefore, the habitat is considered as a protected area. Yunak Akgöl: A small lake near Yunak province. The water is sweet. Most of them are swampy. The lake is pouring into the Sakarya river with Gökpınar. Trade The influence of Konya on Turkey's commercial activities is great. Konya has an important hinterland feature in the inner parts of the inner regions. Agricultural production, the development of industrial activities, has made it an important market for population-based trading activities. Since it is considered as the middle point of Turkey, it can easily trade with all the pictures of Turkey. It also makes a big contribution to the Turkish economy. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder

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You will fly from Istanbul to Cappadocia and You will have two full day Cappadocia tours and 1 day guided Konya tour. You will have two nights hotel and bus transportation to Konya. After the Konya tour, you will have return flight back to Istanbul.
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You will visit Mevlana Museum, Selimiye Mosque, Tavusbaba Tomb, Karatay Madrasah, Ince Minare Medrasah, Alaadding Mosque. Konya tour is a daily early in the morning departure from Istanbul with hotel pick up service and fly to Konya. After the Guided Konya day tour, you will fly back to Istanbul. This is door to door service.
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We are going to a mystic journey today, peaceful philosophy, heart touching history,and world wide accepted religious scholar Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi. We are going to take you to the where love of humanity bloomed, Dervishes who left material world behind and devote their life to the love of god. You are going to learn about the Sufism and Mevlevi Order, And ofcourse tolerance of Islam. Just as he says, “come, whoever you are..”
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