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Kusadasi Travel Guide


Is a province connected to the province. It is located on the shore of the Aegean Sea, which is 71 kilometers away from the city center. The district center is bordered by Selçuk and Pamucak in the north and the Dilek Peninsula in the south where the National Park is located. It is in the center of major tourist centers of Izmir, Ephesus, Virgin Mary, Miletus, Didim, Pamukkale, Marmaris and Bodrum. Kusadasi Harbor is the second most important sea port of Turkey for the tourists coming here because it is close to the Greek island of Sisam. The closeness of İlçenin to Ephesus also influenced the development of foreign tourism. It is surrounded by Selçuk of İzmir in the north, Germencik in the north, Söke in the east and south. Until 1954, it was a county of İzmir province. Due to extreme construction and concrete consolidation in recent years, the district has largely lost its tourist value. Its surface area is 264 km², population is around 50.000. history Although it is not known exactly when and by whom Kuşadası was founded, it is thought that it was founded by Ions with the name of Neopolis connected to Ephesus in the place called Yilanci Burnu near Kuşadası. The city was established before, on the outskirts of Pilavtepe, at the place called Andızkulesi. After a while the Venetian and Genoese who belonged to the Byzantines were dominant in economic terms. Kuşadası with the reasons of transportation difficulties; It was taken from Andızkulesi mevkii and it was established with the name of Scarpa Nuova. Kuşadası Bay and its immediate surroundings, which Kuşadası gave its name, are known as centers of art and culture and have hosted many different civilizations since the early ages. B.C. Leleger, 3000 BC The Aeolian in the 11th century BC In the 9th century, the Ions dominated the region. The area between Büyük Menderes and Gediz Rivers takes the name of Ionian in ancient times. Ions, merchants and sailors, soon became wealthy through overseas trade and had a superior political power. In the history, they established 12 cities named "Ion Colonies". Kuşadası was one of the main ports of Anatolia that opened to the Mediterranean in antiquity. It was called Neopolis by that time. B.C. The Lydians, whose capitals were Sardes in the 7th century, dominated the region. B.C. The Persian domination that started in 546 BC It continues until Alexander the Great seized all of Anatolia in 334. After that, a new era, a new kind of art and culture understanding becomes dominant as a synthesis of Greek civilization and indigenous Anatolian civilization in Anatolia and this age is called "Hellenistic Age". Ephesus, Miletus, Prieneve Didim is the most famous cities of this devrin. B.C. Romans were dominant in the 2nd century AD. In the early years of Christianity, St.Jean from Mother Mary and his disciples came to Ephesus and became a religious center. Miletus is also the episcopal center in the Christian era. It is called "Ania" in the Byzantine Period. Kuşadası is a harbor used by pirates in the middle ages. In the 15th century, the Venetians and Genoese took the name of the city "Scala Nuova". In 1086, the territory of the first Suleyman Shah begins to dominate the Seljuk State. The region has become an export gate to the Aegean region of the caravan routes in this period. However, the sovereignty of the Seljuk State took a short time due to the 1st Crusades and again passed into the hands of Byzantium. At the end of 1280 the Menteşeoğulları, at the beginning of 1300 Aydınoğulları region dominates. Between 1397-1402 he entered the Ottoman Empire. Although the Ottomans passed the turn of the Aydınoğulları between 1402 and 1425, the Ottomans certainly seized the region. Kuşadası, in 1413, 1.Mehmet (Çelebi) joined the Ottoman domination. After this date, the city was completely in the hands of the Turks and began to fill with the works of the Turks. These surveys were carried out by Mehmet Pasha, which caravans today's Caravanserai and Kuşadası. The city surrounded by walls was only able to enter from three doors. One of these doors separates Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Street and Kahramanlar Cad, and the upper part is used today as the City Traffic Regions Authority. Other gates are not available today. Güvercinada, who served as an important military base for the Byzantines in Küçükada, saw a major renovation in 1834 and built a famous castle. The name "Kuşadası" comes from this town. Kuşadası entered the occupation of Greece during the War of Independence between 1919-1921, with the withdrawal of Italy, and escaped the enemy invasion on 7 September 1922.

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We will pick you up from Izmir Cruise port with your name sign in the morning and drive to western part of Turkey. You will explore 3 ancient cities Priene, Miletos & Didyma with professional tourist guide. At the end of the Priene, Miletos & Didyma guided tour, we will drive back to Izmir cruise port.
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Kusadasi Cruise Port
We will pick you up from Kusadasi Cruise port with your name sign in the morning and drive to western part of Turkey. You will explore 3 ancient cities Priene, Miletos & Didyma with professional tourist guide. At the end of the Priene, Miletos & Didyma guided tour, we will drive back to Kusadasi cruise port.
Short Boat cruise in Istanbul
You will discover Istanbul sights Cappadocia sights, Kusadasi, Ephesus Ancient City and Virgin Mary House, Pamukkale Calcium Terraces and Hierapolis Ancient City, Antalya Perge, Aspendos and Side Ancient Cities in 10 day package tour. You tour covers all hotels in these destinations, guided tours, lunch on the tours, transportations and domestic flight.
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Private Ephesus Tour From Kusadasi Cruise Port This is a tour covers the Ephesus ruins and the Virgin Mary House. It is a private tour including the professional tour guide, transportation and museum fees of those place.
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Private guided seven Churches of Revelation Pilgrimage tour in Turkey covers your domestic flight tickets, 2 night hotel with breakfast, private 3 days guided tours with lunch, domestic flight tickets and entrance fees to sights in the programme.
Kusadasi Private Guide & Driver Tour
Your are in Kusadasi or cruise just arrived to port and you have no idea what to do? Not a problem, you are just one click away from a wonderful day in Kusadasi region. We will give you several options you can do and you'lll choose one of them. Ephesus, Hierapolis Ancient Ruins, Pamukkale or House of Virgin Mary. Take a deep breath and start to plan.
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On the St.Paul’s Walk of Mission tour in Turkey you will find yourself in a epic and spiritual story. When you following footprints of St.Paul you’re not only share he’s mission also you are going to discover Anatolian’s first Christians wealths.Hundreds of years old churches, altars,monasteries and tons of untold history. “Lift a stone, and you will find me there.! (Thomas 19-77)”
3 Days Easy Ephesus Tour Package By Plane
You will have time to relax in Kusadasi town and you will visit one of highlights in Turkey. 3 Days Easy Ephesus Tour Package by plane programme is available everyday all year round. You will start to the tour from Istanbul and at the end of the tour return back to Istanbul.
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