Kariye Museum

The Kariye Museum is one of the most important museums in Istanbul, attracting local and foreign tourists. Let’s take a look at where the Kariye museum is, how to get there, the entrance fee. First, I must state that there is a constant visitor circulation here. Of course, one of the reasons for visiting the […]

Jale Kushan Wax Sculpture Museum

The Wax Museum is the world’s first 4-dimensional museum exhibited in 6 different rooms, with an intensive support of the EntPark Shopping Center. Each of the sculptures has been animated by the period and related decorations of their own lives, and it was also very helpful in terms of giving information about the period during […]

Istanbul Toy Museum

The Toy Museum in Goztepe / Istanbul, where the oldest toys, approximately 300 years old, are exhibited, was built by Sunay Akın on 23 April 2005. It is the toy museum of Turkey. There are close to 4 toys in this museum which is the right address for those who want to spend a nice […]

Istanbul Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum in Istanbul Yeşilköy is also the Air Force Museum. You can have a good time by learning and enjoying the museum exhibiting all kinds of samples from the oldest aircraft models of Turkish aviation history. The idea of establishing an aviation museum in Turkey was first put forward in the 1960s and […]

Florya Atatürk Sea Mansion

Florya Atatürk Deniz Köşkü is one of the beautiful spots to visit in the center of Istanbul. The pavilion, located in the Şenlikköy district of Bakırköy, was built specifically for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey. Due to the interest of Mustafa Kemal in Istanbul, he was frequently […]

Eyüp Sultan Mosque

The mosque in the Eyüp neighborhood in Istanbul near the Golden Horn. Beyond being a mosque, it is a holy place of visit. Eyüp Sultan Mosque rectangular planar, mihrabı protruding. The central dome is leaning against the arches, which are based on six columns and two filigrees. There are half dome around it, Eyüp Sultan […]

Fethiye Museum

The Fethiye Museum is only one of the historical museums in the province of Fatih in Istanbul. The building, which served as the Pammakaristos Monastery Church during the Eastern Roman times, continues to serve as an open museum to the public today. We wanted to give more emphasis to the ski resort writers who prepare […]

Binbirdirek Cistern

According to Byzantine sources, the cistern built in the 4th century is the second largest cistern in Istanbul. The cistern, which has 224 columns in it and has a total size of 3584 square meters, served as a workshop since the 16th century after drying it over time. The columns in the cistern consist of […]

Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace is located in Beylerbeyi district of Üsküdar district of Istanbul. Beylerbeyi neighborhood is one of the oldest settlement areas of Istanbul. The palace is located in a historic area by its location. The settlement area is based on the Byzantine period. It is known that there are green areas known as İstavroz Bahçeleri […]

Beyazit Mosque

The mosque in the Beyazit district of Istanbul, Sultan II. It was built by Beyazıt and is now known as Beyazıt Mosque and Beyazid Mosque. The mosque, offering breezes from the Ottoman period architecture, is the most important part of the mosque built scattered around the Beyazit quarter. Although it is not exactly known that […]