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Ihlara Valley Travel Guide

ihlara-valley-travel-guideIhlara Valley

The Ihlara Valley is one of the most spectacular strolls and hiking destinations in Cappadocia. It is an incredible place with its unique nature, greenery, historic churches and mysterious structure. Ihlara Valley, which has been a center of attraction for thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, provides you with a journey in history with its churches that are nowhere else in the world. The Ihlara Valley, 150 meters, is almost certainly a hidden paradise, and since its discovery has been able to attract all attention. Because of the lava flows from the Volcano volcano, this valley is about 14 kilometers long. It resembles a canyon and is housed in various historic shelters and cemeteries, as well as these unique outstanding churches. Ihlara Valley Churches One of the most remarkable historic structures in the Ihlara Valley is the Ağaçaltı Church. Immediately after you cross the box office, you are located on the lower right side of the stairs that you have not seen. The actual entrance gate of this gigantic church is under the ground. The entrance used today is the 2nd door that opens directly to Kata. As the church has seen various restorations for many years, the pictures in it have completely disappeared. However, it is possible to come across Christian figures drawn in the direction of straws! The church, which is carved into the stones, was climbed into the trees due to the lack of a door in the old times, according to a custom, and took its name from there. Another church is the Sümbüllü Church. The monastery sections of this church were built on a huge rock cut in two layers. It is possible to find the most interesting portrayals of the world in the church! One of the depictions depicted a magnificent Mary between Gabriel and Michael, and it became one of the most attracted figures of the Christian world. Another unique figure on earth is Hz. Jesus is a figure. Hz. Jesus and a unique figure depicting 3 Hebrew young and saints of time thrown into the bakery. Apart from this, there are many other churches. The churches which are close to the valley are usually abstracted from the unique art of Cappadocia because of their wall paintings. Most of the other churches also contain Byzantine style wall figures. From these churches there are only inscriptions on the Church under the Fortress. For this reason, it became one of the most popular churches in the Valley, and thanks to the inscription the history of almost all the churches in the Valley has been determined. Other noteworthy churches in the Ihlara Valley: Pürenli Seki Church: When you enter a church consisting of four horses, you will first reach the big saloon. Then there are transitions to other halls. One of these four walks was used for funerals in time. Accordingly, there are graves under the hall. In the church, usually Hz. Many illustrations of Jesus' life have been used visually. The plant and geometric motifs in this church, where the religious events take place too much in the scenes, are also very interesting. Kokar Church: The entrance of Kokar Church, which is one storey, was the most attentive place. You can access an absist church inside the ruined church. There are two funeral parlors in the church built by longitudinal carving into the rock. As you can imagine, there are burials underneath. There are many scenes of religious events on the walls of Kilisen, but the most striking thing for me was escape to Egypt and Yudas' betrayal. Crucial events such as the crucifixion, the tomb, the ascension to the chest were also included in the following scenes. Snake Church: Snake Church is a little different than the church you will visit in the Ihlara Valley. In fact, the entrance to the church was destroyed due to natural events. The current entry is provided at the end of the normal corridor. On the walls of the church, as well as the scenes of religious events, the scene of many events related to the world is also included. The scene of four sinful women attacked by snakes on a wall of the church is known. In fact, the name of the church comes from here. Dark Castle Church: The most impressive features of the church are reliefs with square and cross motifs. One of the lounges is still used for funeral, but it is smaller than the other churches. Eğritaş Church: Eğritaş Church is one of the oldest and largest churches in the Ihlara Valley according to the research. A part of the two-story church was demolished. There are gates opening to the grave chambers from where the funeral ceremonies were made. You can still see the graves in some of the rooms. The walls often feature religious scenes. Most of these scenes seem to include the Virgin Mary figures.

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