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Selcuk Travel Guide

selcuk-travel-guide First of all; You need to reach Selçuk. Last time I went to the region many times before: I went on July 2012 and I update my previous posts to give you the latest information. If you come from Izmir side; Between İzmir and Selçuk: 75 km. Exit from Izmir; Follow the road to Kuşadası and the signs. Especially; I suggest you get off the freeway. The destination will be Kusadasi continuously. For coming from Istanbul direction; Istanbul-Izmir highway distance: 561 km. If you come from Ankara; You can go directly to Izmir and then to Selçuk. Between Ankara and Izmir: 579 km. If you pass from Ankara to Aydın (Ankara-Aydin: 603 km.), Exit from Aydin, go to İzmir motorway and exit from the highway when you see the Kuşadası-Selçuk sign after Germencik. At this distance; Ie between Aydın and Selçuk: probably 35 km. Highway transportation is very convenient, there is a benefit to choose. On your way to Selcuk, you will see a castle on your way to catch your attention. There's an interesting story here. The castle, which is built on the top of a very steep hill, can not be seized because of its position. Those who want to seize this place, which the observers are expecting, make a new plan. Hundreds of keçiys connected to the horns with candlestick lanterns drive towards the hill from the foothills of the mountain. The watchmen and soldiers in the room, the foes in the darkness of night, think of an army of hundreds of people approaching them and escape from the back door. The castle is thus confiscated. Due to the contributions of the goats, the castle is referred to as the goat castle name. You came to Selcuk. Here: first place multiplier: Ayasulluk Castle. Also: The Isabey Mosque attracts attention. In the city center: There is Nimet Ferahlı Park, it is very nice and lush, seating places are built under the trees. If you continue directly in the district center you will be called "Virgin Mary", and if you turn right, there is "Ephesus" and "Kuşadası" road. Immediately on the right "Artemiz Museum" is seen. 1 km from the main road. There is a small airport in front of the ancient city of Ephesus where small planes can be seen. In the ring zone: a day trip plan that I can recommend for you might be as follows. Before; Enter the ancient city of Ephesus. Alone, there is a very sensitive point here. Absolutely; Enter the north gate. Because; You will descend down a slight slope as you go down to the door, otherwise you will have to go upwards if you enter from the lower door. Especially; In hot weather, this is definitely a problem. Yeah; After touring the ancient city, you can also go to sleep seven. Here: the total time you will need: around 4 hours. After touring the ancient city; Go to the Ephesus Museum. Here; You need to stay for about 1 hour. Especially: see the "Artemis" statue, which is unique in the world. You can see the Temple of Artemis in the back of the museum from afar. If you have the time to go near it, go there, or there is not much residue left. After I left the museum; You should go to Mother Mary's House. This, too, You will probably get 2 hours, both as a trip and as time to go there. Although it is regarded as a place of visit called holy especially for Christians, it also has a special meaning for Muslims to visit. Yeah; The only place you are not going is Alasuluğ Hill. If you have time left, you can go to Ayasuluğ Hill and there; Castles, churches. As a result; This plan is a suggestion for you. You can choose the places you want to see by reading the texts of the relevant places and make a separate plan accordingly. Where I go to you, when you go to Selcuk, I would like to see you as a place, Ephesus Antique City and Museum. Do not leave without seeing these two places. When you go to Selçuk, you can see what kind of trip about Ephesus, where to go, where to go, what kind of excursion plan, what is your travel route. Also; I have to go without saying. When you go to Selçuk; What do you eat, do you think Selçuk has a special meal, food? Yes there is. Very nice garbage skewers are made in Selçuk. Absolutely taste, especially in the bazaar you can find. There is another place that is very interesting here. Well, if you think what I can buy a gift, Yes, as Selçuk'dan gift, you can buy very beautiful dried figs. In special packages and even in metal boxes, there are very nice gift figs packages. You can get it for yourself and if you need it for your relatives. Şirince.Yeah, it's a charming village, an authentic village. It is 8 km to Selçuk. Away. You go uphill from the asphalt road. The urban fabric of the last century, here, is preserved. With its exquisite cuisine, fruity, olive oil and authentic nature and experience, it is a full nostalgia village. You can walk through the stone paved streets, see the houses and enter restaurants and cafés if you wish. What's famous here? Your sommelier's wine is famous. Here; Especially fruit wine is being made and it is definitely bought as a gift by tourists. There are different kinds. Raspberry, cherry and so on. It is possible to find various fruit wines such as. It is not necessary to go to Şirince Village to get them. You can also find it in Selçuk. As a result; It will take your time to go to Sirince.

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