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Urgup Travel Guide


Urgup, 20 km east of Nevsehir, is the most important center of the Cappadocia Region. As in Göreme, he has had many names in the historical process. In the Byzantine Period Osiana (Assiana), Hagios Prokopios; Başhisar in the Seljuk period; Burgut Castle in the time of the Ottomans; It is also known as Ürgüp since the first years of the Republic. history Urgup, which has a volcanic origin geological structure, has been established in a region where frequent and typical examples of interesting natural formations, which are referred to as peribacas, brought rain and wind erosion to the water. Rising from the rainy waters of the valley slopes and the crevices that eventually erode the winds, the peribacals have created a very interesting landscape image. 20km from Nevsehir. Urgup is the most important center of the Cappadocia Region. As in Göreme, he has had many names in the historical process. In the Byzantine Period Osiana (Assiana), Hagios Prokopios; Başhisar in the Seljuk period; Burgut Castle in the time of the Ottomans; It is also known as Ürgüp since the first years of the Republic. Climate Urgup features a steppe climate characterized by hot and dry summers, cold winters and snowy rains, and a completely rural, rainy spring and autumn. Apart from the steppe vegetation that glows in the spring but does not disappear afterwards, there is not a forest cover in the region, but the vineyard and the green bond cover which are seen very intensely around the district and the surrounding area give a warm image in summer. Pink Valley: The most typical examples of the vastite peribacas located in the middle of the Urgup-Avanos road can be seen. In this region where natural formations take place very intensively, it is observed that nature forms rocks in many forms such as camels and rabbits. Kızılçukur: There is always an important grape and wine production center in this area, a church decorated with grape paintings built into peribacalari. This valley, where many peribacas are located in different colors, is also a very interesting cruising spot at sunset. Mustafapaşa: Mustafapaşa, a place of Orthodox Christians until the exchange of population in 1924, is a typical museum-city view. St. George, St. Vasilios and Saint Stefanos Churches of the examples of the 19th century churches are open to the public. In this interesting town, Ayrica, it is possible to see original examples of Christian and Seljuk construction work. Sarıhan: In 1217 Selcuklu Sultani was built on Aksaray-Ürgüp-Kayseri road by Alaattin Keykubat. This caravanserai has taken its place in history as an important accommodation and accommodation center. It is one of the most important works of Selcuklu-Turkish architecture. Then the asvalt road was made and subjected to a good restoration. The name of the yellow stone is dominated by the name of these stones. Halacdere: Yumucak digs into the tuffs and 10-12. And a part of it is dated to the 13th century. There are large basilike type churches, some of which have been erected and destroyed, and it is believed that they have been used as hospitals for some time by Christians. The other churches in Ortahisar are the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul and the Church of the Holy Spirit. Fıratkan: The Euphrates on the way to Goreme Açıkhava Museum is a small church. There is a bedhouse, dining room, muttagi and storehouses and they are built in two storeys. The two floors are connected to each other by a tuner and have a very interesting structure. Ortahisar: 1 km from the center of the town of Urgup-Nevsehir. Distance. It is located 50 m. The historic rock-castle at the height can also be seen from the main road. Ortahisar Castle, an old habitation site, can be visited, and this place is an interesting cruise and drawing point. The Ortahisar region contains examples of a rich monastery. Harim Church, Sanca Church and Cambazli Church are worth seeing. Ortahisar is a very vibrant culture and trade center. The lemon, which is the product of Cukurova, is kept in the natural cold storage tanks carved into the volcanic rocks of this area and distributed from here to Turkey. Boltede tourism is uncommon with the hospitality of the first expatriate town of Ortahisar. Aziz Theodore (Tağar) Church: After 8.5 km from Ürgüp-Kayseri road turn right and reach 8 km further to Yeşilöz village of Urgup district. The Tagar Church built in the name of St. Theodore is the 'T' planned central dome. The gallery located on the upper floor is reached by a ladder. For this reason, Cappadocia is the only example in the churches. In general, the three paintings of the church, whose paintings are well preserved, adorned them at different times according to their own style. Scenes: Deesis, gospel, birth, appearance of prophets, appearance of apostles, Jesus on the cross, angels Gabriel and Michael, portraits of saints in medals. Pancarlık Church: The church located in the Pancarlik valley to the south of the Ortahisar town, to the right of the Urgup-Mustafapaşa road. It is dated to the first half of the century. It has a flat ceiling, a single nave and a single apse. The wall paintings in the church are more green and well preserved. Stages: The appearance of the prophets, the gospel, the visit, the visit of virginity, the journey to Bethlehem, the birth, the worship of the three astrologers, the second dream of Joseph, the escape to Egypt, the massacre of innocent children, The recruitment of Baptist Yahya, baptism, the trial of Jesus, the marriage of Kana, the miracle of wine, the reproduction of fish and bread, the assignment of the apostles in the way of God, the healing of the evil man, the healing of the leper, the healing of the crippled woman, Miracles, Jesus and the Samaritan woman, metamorphosis, Jesus on the way to Golgota, Jesus on the cross, Christ's descent to hell, Jesus' ascension to heaven, angels Gabriel and Michael and portraits of saints in medals. Ala Church and Kepez Churches: On the way to Pancarlik are small churches in the form of tiny columns, beside simple red ornaments and important churches containing interesting pictures and wall paintings. Balkan Churches: 2 km from Ortahisar. Church columns are in the distance. The Ikolonazma devrine is dated. A small sapel belonging to later periods is covered with frescoes. Taşkınpaşa Mosque: Taşkınpaşa Mosque, which is located in the center of the village of Damsa, 20 km south of Ürgüp, belongs to the period of Karamanlar. The mihrab, which is still exhibited at the Ankara Ethnographic Museum, is made of walnut inlaid technique, which is important because it is the only wooden example to date. Opposite the Taşkınpaşa Camisin is Taşkınpaşa Turbası belonging to Hızır Reis. The same turn is dated to the turbine with a two-sided stepped staircase. Near the Taşkınpaşa Camisin there is a madrasah with the same name. Kadi Castle: It was a rock fortress in the time when the danger of women and children was alarming. To escape when needed, there was a tune opening to Damsa Cayi under the hill. The larger section was destroyed in 1954 by erosion. It is clear to visit the remaining parts of our time. Temenni (Monument Tomb): 1288 is a monumental grave built for the Kilicarslan (Nukrettin) by Vecihi Pasa. The most interesting feature of the Temenni Anit Tomb located at the very top of Kadi Kalesin is the tunel 700 meters long. Visitors are able to navigate a long corridor from this tunnel to the Point of Interest. The Temenni Anit Cemetery was used as one of the oldest poles of Anatolia. Subclause: XII. Or XIII. For centuries Selcuk was one of the descendants of the commander of the army and the children were anathema to an inscribed monument. Damsa Dam: 17 km from Urgup, Domsa Cayi for irrigation purposes, Domsa Baraji coastal shore is an important promenade site. The pine-covered lake shore is always available as a picnic place during hot summer days and weekends, with picnic tables and seats and ready-made cookers. Ayrica, Mustafapasa, Cemil, Taskinpasa, Sahinefendi, Soganli are places of respite for trips and tours.

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