Information on The Historical Treasures of Ancient Priene

Information on The Historical Treasures of Ancient Priene As indicated by history books, two critical fortunes rose up out of the remnants of old Priene, a previous city in the Aegean area of Turkey. They are the Priene Inscription and the Priene Calendar, two instructive scripts go down for future eras. But no city would […]

Harbiye Military Museum

Harbiye Military Museum

It is a gallery built up in a vast grounds in the city of Harbiye of Istanbul. The district and the historical center are named as Harbiye, as much as the Ottoman time frame. In the most recent days of the Ottoman Empire, these structures were relegated to the Military Academy and many officers moved […]

Hamsilos Bay

Hamsilos Bay is located at the northernmost point of Turkey. Glacier Abrasion is the result of a single bore that has formed spontaneously in the Earth. The part where the sheep is merged with the sea is quite wide. As it goes to the inner parts, it becomes narrow and forests. This bay, which looks […]


Aspendos is an ancient city in the Belikıs Village of the Serik District of Antalya, which has a worldwide reputation for its amphitheater. 8 km from Antalya. Aspendos in the east, BC. Founded by Akalar in the 10th century, the ancient city is one of the rich and rich cities. The ancient theater of the […]