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Aydin Travel Guide

aydin-travel-guide According to the statistics for 2015, Aydın has proved to have a population of 1,041,979 in total, showing a rapid increase in proportion to the previous year. One of the places that comes to mind first in Turkey is Holiday. Our country is one of the most popular holiday destinations. If you say you want to rub on the beaches in the summer and enjoy the sun, you should go to Aydin.

1. Ancient City of Aphrodisias

Respect for Kenan Erim: Aphrodisias Ancient City-Monumental Entrance Gate in Aydın Province. (Tetrapylon) In reaching the present archaeological value of the city, there is the great service and contribution of the well-known and late-known Turkish archaeologist Kenan Erim.

2. Dilek Peninsula

Dilek Peninsula National Park is located within the boundaries of Güzelçamlı and 28 km from Kuşadası. Away. Between the small meander and the Büyük Menderes, Dilek is a part of the half-millennial meander mass. The Miletus Museum was opened in 1973. It has been prepared for the exhibition of archaeological works usually found in Miletus. A hall with a pool is made up of a main hall and a second smaller one. Here BC. XV. The works of the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods are exhibited by Mycenaean ceramics dated to centuries.

4. Leaded Monastery

The most important feature of the ceiling of the church within the leaded monastery is the crescents. Symbolic and geometric motifs in the period of iconoclastic (against put); In the second half of the 9th century, after the iconoclastic period, in religious events or personal frescoes. Fish, rooster and grapes are the main religious symbols.

5. Güvercinada Castle

The Güvercinada Castle offers spectacular views as well as a visual show to the spectators. The intention is to prevent attacks from the sea in Mora rebellion. You should certainly mix into the historical atmosphere of the city while enjoying the sea in Aydın. Magnesia Ancient City, Milet Theater, Didyma Ancient City and Aphrodisias Ancient City are some of the places you can visit.

6. Tralleis Ancient City

The ancient city of Tralleis lies on the plateau south of Kestane mountains, to the north of Aydin province. 1 km to the city center. The city was founded by Argos and Tralleis. Built on the fertile lands of the Menderes basin, this city has frequently changed hands among the Hellenistic kingdoms after it was taken by İskender in 344 BC.

7. Forum Aydın

Founded Forum Aydin, launched in September 2007, is the third investment in Multi-Turkey in the Aegean region. The largest shopping and living center of Aydın and its surroundings, Forum Aydın is located 2 km from the Adnan Menderes Boulevard, the busiest commercial center of the city, within walking distance of Adnan Menderes University with approximately 22.000 students. It's in the distance. Aydin, which has good visibility on both sides of the highway of Aydın Denizli, can be accessed and exited from the highway.

8. Priene Ancient City

Priene is small; So are the buildings. Most buildings belong to the youth of the city. Here, you will not encounter massive Roman buildings that are noticeable in many ruins. Visiting, visiting public buildings, streets and residences, he senses his return to Iskender time.

9. Arpaz Castle

The building group located in Esenköy connected to Nazilli was built on the skirts of Harpasa Castle, a Kariya city. In some sources, the name of this place is also known as the Arpaz Tower. It was built by the Arpaz Beyleri at the beginning of XIX.century, the owner of the large farm operation covering the cropland extending up to Akçay. However, here, XVII. It was also encountered with the remains of the Ottoman Period belonging to XVIII. Based on this, it can be considered that the castle was built at an earlier time and was later renewed. This is like a gentleman's mansion, security tower, warehouse, stables and outbuildings and a chateau. The tower was built by Arpazi Hacı Hasan Bey, a master from Rhodes during the reign of Mehmed II. Today, a separate land, which is still like a bridge between the coast and a separate land, is a separate nature beauty, Handle Island, The Hippedamos planned settlement of the 6th century was later destroyed. Although the walls around the settlement have been destroyed by the sea, it is possible to see the remnants of these walls in some parts of the island. Half the island. There is a sea route where even a vehicle from the sea can pass easily. When the sea is caught, it can be walked to the island by car and sometimes it is disconnected from the land when the sea rises. From top to bottom, the sandy beaches around the island of Sapli, which resembles a coffee pot, are an excellent choice in Akbuk.

11. Zeus Cave

It is a wonderful natural wonder that the cave which has come into the water in the vicinity of its surroundings is cool with its bouncing place in its mouth. It may come a little creepy to you. When the crowd goes, you can hit the bottom of the fun.

12. Altinkum Beach

Didim Altunkum beach: There is a family beach and you can enjoy the beauty of the sea. Be careful and do not stay under the sun ?

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