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Fethiye Travel Guide

Fethiye Travel Guide Fethiye is a holiday town that can not be seen in Turkey in terms of clean beaches and forests in terms of the view of Oludeniz. Located between the Mediterranean and the Egeeniz, Mugla is a province with a population of 54000 and has an area of 3,000 km2, a distance of approximately 130 km to the center of Muğla Province, and a total population of approximately 105 thousand including the towns and villages connected to the province. Fethiye is a world famous holiday center and the dead sea which is considered as one of the great wonders of our country is located at 12 km distance to the town of Fethiye and there are no missing parachutes from the top of Mount Baba which is located near Oludeniz with the capacity to host almost all of the air sports, At certain times of day, paratroopers are transported to the mountain top by trucks. Among the foreign tourists who go to this charming town, most Dutch Germans and British people lead. If you want to taste the turquoise sea even once in your life, the Oludeniz is really a place to see your family, a wonderful and charming atmosphere is dominated by the beautiful coasts, the English say "Dead sea" or "blue lagoon" here ... The cleanest freezing in Turkey The place where it is sold, but there is a small negativity .. The oceans are in the national nature park and all the features of the bay are constantly sandy, so you will be buried to the clear sea and you will be buried until your mouth is marvelous. It is advisable to go in the first two weeks of September, the British is the head of the halay in the tourist population. If you want a calm, peaceful and calm holiday in Fethiye region, definitely go to the dead, I would recommend the beach pide salon for this beautiful town food which is my preference every year as a place to stay, although the name is pide hall, the most delicious fishbone, pideli, grills, spagettileri And the pizzas are the places where you can eat, the place consists of two wooden kats, the upper part is completely open, the grape vines shake in the arbor, while you sip your tea, ... the color is turned into bougainvillea. After you order food and drinks in the evenings, you can swing in the hammock in Turkish music accompanied by art music or you can relax in cookies, you can listen to your head, you will find peace, if you have children with your partner, you have a couple of friends in your head exactly but you have to go to 12 islands heaven A space, a color sea star from the sea and a world sea shell. In this year I have listened to my soul, I am paranoid, I see eye beauty, I said to myself but I did not. When you swim in the clear waters with a calm head, you say that the sea with cold water has passed over, again, it is reported that there is a cold water stream nearby. I have always looked at the posters of "Oludeniz" which I have encountered in restaurants, cafes, and cafes there, and I have had good days in Fethiye where I went to holiday even for a short period of time 8 years ago. I was impatient ... I was impatient to see ... If paradise is a place like this, surely I will stretch my belief that there will be such a place, then parachute Fethiye is the most beautiful place that gives me the most peaceful time period I've experienced all day long, despite my anxiety.

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15 Days Grand Turkey Tour Package
15 Days grand Turkey tour is relaxing and history tour package covers Istanbul, Ephesus, Priene, Miletos, Didyma, Pamukkale, Fethiye, Blue Cruise (4 Days - 3 Nights), Olimpos, Antalya, Perge, Aspendos, Side and Cappadocia sights. You will start to the tour when you arrive in Istanbul and at the end of the tour, we will transfer you for your international flight.
Istanbul Private Tour
Istanbul to Athens tour itinerary is best option to combine history and relaxin vacation in Turkey & Greece. You will visit most famous cities of Turkey and most famous Islands of Greece and sights. You tour programme covers Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, Kas, Fethiye, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Samos Island, Mykonos Island, Santorini Island, Delphi and Athens.
Blue Cruise From Fethiye To Olympos
Our Blue Cruise From Fethiye to Olympos package cover 4 days and 3 nights sailing boat from Fethiye to . If you would like to visit natural and the unique spots of south coast and enjoy the spirit of the mediterranean sea in Turkey, you should be on this Blue Cruise
Our Blue Cruise From Fethiye to Olympos
It is one of the best option to explore the ancient ruins lying along the Mediterranean Coast Line. You will also relax on the see and enjoy with parties on each harbour. It is full board boat cruise from Olympos to Fethiye.
Our Blue Cruise From Fethiye to Olympos
Diamonds of Aegean & Mediterranean coastline of Turkey tour programme covers most famous historical and relaxing cities on your holiday. You will have guided tours in historical towns and you will be freedom with your self drive. You will have dream vacation in Turkey that never forget.
Semi Bus Travel From Fethiye To Selcuk Or Kusadasi
Easy Bus Tours for Pamukkale gives you a chance to visit Pamukkale and Hierapolis Ancient city while you are travelling from Selcuk or Kusadasi to Fetihye or Fethiye to Selcuk, Kusadasi. You can use our Easy Bus service for visiting Pamukkale before joining Ephesus Tour or after.
Semi Bus Travel From Fethiye To Selcuk Or Kusadasi
Easy bus from Fethiye to Kusadasi route was especially made for travellers who have had a hard time with the local connections as normally this day has 5 or over complicated bus changes and very hard to complete in same day. Easy will save the hassle, your time & energy. Easy Bus Tour from Fethiye to Kusadasi is the best way the travel from Fethiye to Kusadasi via visiting Pamukkale Calcium Terraces and Hierapolis Anceint City
Turkey Tour
18 Days Turkey Tour is great option for exploring Turkey. Exclusive Turkey Tour Package gives you an opportunity to visit historical sights of turkey with a local guide and self exploronation by renting car. 18 Days Turkey Tour Package is half relaxing and half historical sightseeing tour. If you do not want to join tours everyday and want a self drive and be free, Exclusive Turkey Tour is the best option for your travel type.
Luxury Turkey Honeymoon Package
An amazing honeymoon is waiting you in Turkey. We share your happiness in Turkey on your special vacation. You'll have lovely luxury Turkey honeymoon package tour in 10 days and you will never forget it forever. In Ephesus you will be lost on the deep and dark pages of history, dreaming on Pamukkale's white cotton terraces, enchanting the unique beauty of Bodrum and Fethiye, and tanning on their beaches.
Semi Bus Travel From Fethiye To Selcuk Or Kusadasi
Semi Bus Tour From Kusadasi And Selcuk To Fethiye gives you a chance to visit Pamukkale white terraces and the Ancient city of Hierapolis ruins . Semi Bus Tour includes transportations, lunch, entrance fees and a tour of pamukkale with english guide. The journey is door to door between hotels of Kusadasi, Selcuk and bus tickets to Fethiye which would make your day so easy and enjoyable.
Semi Bus Travel From Fethiye To Selcuk Or Kusadasi
This tour is not the Door to Door tour, however it's still best / easiest option to do this journey. The first leg is by local bus, rest of the day is on our tour bus. While you are travelling from Fethiye to Kusadasi / Selcuk (Ephesus), let us arranage all your transportation and we will show you Pamukkale Calcium Terraces and Hierapolis Ancient City on the way as well.
Istanbul and Antalya Tour Package
30 Days Turkey Tour Package; This is the longest and best package option that we can offer and organised while you are in Turkey. In this packsge you will have a enough time to analyse and enjoy each local town, cities, from one side to the other. You have enough time to explore every each city. You do not have tour everyday.
Turkey Tours
Western Turkey tours itinerary provide you an amazing vacation in Turkey. If you do not like much organized tour than western Turkey tours package programme is the best option for you. You will do guided historical tours to famous ancient cities and you will have own car for free time, relax and drive one town to other as you wish. You do not need to think others. You'll do relaxing and historical holiday in 10 days.