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Priene Travel Guide


Priene Ancient City

Priene, one of the 12 Ionian cities established in the Ionia Region, It was founded in the 10th century by colonists from Greece. It is believed that the harbor was formed by two harbors on both sides of the peninsula where the city was first established. In 630 BC, the predatory Kimmerites who entered Anatolia were destroyed by Priene. It was later taken over by King Ardys of Lydia. He entered Persian rule in 547 BC. In 500 BC Persians were among the rebellious cities of Ionia. In this uprising called the Ionia Revolution, 12 ships entered the sea battle against the Persian Navy on the openings of Lade Island in front of the city of Miletos (495 BC). In 350 BC, due to natural causes, the city was rebuilt by taking the example of the city of Athens, where the ancient settlement was left and the day-to-day remains were reached. However, over the centuries, the Great Menderes River filled the sea and got the look of today. In 334 BC, when Alexander the Great, who brought out the Persians from Anatolia, visited Priene, he helped to build the city, which started to be newly built. After a while, Priene entered the sovereignty and influence of Athens and then became the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Pergamon. King of Bergama III. Priesta also joined the Roman territory when the kingdom of Attalos (138-133 BC) was willed to be given to Rome after death. In the Roman period, the Greater Menderes' filling of the bay more and more led to the loss of importance of Priene over time. After the Roman Empire split into two in 395, Priene remained in the lumps of the Byzantine Empire and became a bishopric for a while. It was completely abandoned after the 12th century. Priene is important in that it is one of the best preserved cities of antiquity. Apart from some minor changes during Roman times, it is the most important city preserved in Hellenistic character. When the city started to be built, it was surrounded by a fortress of about 2.5 km. The main entrance gate of the city, which was built according to the grilling plan of the name of Hippodamos, the famous architect of Miletos in the first place, takes place in the south-east. In addition to this door, there are two other gates at the end of the west side of the main street and to the east of the street that cuts the agora by the south stoa. When Priene is built on the slope, the vertical roads are the stairs in some places. In the center of the city is the agora. These inland shops are surrounded by columned galleries. The Temple of Zeus in the east of the Agora area dates to the 3rd century BC. The Temple of Athena Folias, the most magnificent structure of Priene, is located in the west between Theater Street and the street to the south. The temple where the Ion order is practiced is one of the earliest examples of the early ages. It is a structure with 6 × 11 columns. It is dated to the 2nd century BC. To the south of the theater is the holy stoa called Hiera Stoa. The 116-meter-long building is a 6-stepped staircase. Behind the stoan is the buleuterion, the parliament building. There were 640 people seated in the building with three sitting rows. In Priene there are several temples besides the Athena Temple. It is the most well-preserved Demeter and the Temple of Korea from the temples day by day. There is no sanctuary in Kybele Sanctuary next to the West Gate. At the end of Theater Street, Priene's best-preserved theater is located. The seating arrangement of the theater is divided into five sections with 6 steps. 5 seats made of marble in front of the seats, and an altar dedicated to God Dionysus. The Hellenistic period is one of the most beautiful examples of theaters. Priene has two gymnasion. Up Gymnasion Located north of buleuterio, near the city wall at the end of the staircase descending descending from the agora to the south is the Lower Gymnasion. Adjacent to the eastern edge of the lower gymnasion, the Stadion is the only structure in Priene where the walls are inclined. It is about 190 m long. On both sides of the main street are the well preserved houses of the inner city which extend to the west gate. Just before reaching the western gate of the main street, there is the sacred area called the Great Alexander House. The acropolis ascends on a sloping land on a steep rock to the north of the city. On the hill, a section carved out of the rocks was taken out of the city with stairs reaching daily. There is not much residue in the acropolis.

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