It is known that Sinop, which surrounds the sea on three sides, is built by Sinop prison, which is high in spiritual value, by Gisaans, who ruled the region about 4000 years ago. The historic prison, built on an area of ​​13,000 m2, continued to be used by the Seljuks who had captured the city in 1214. It is located in the inner castle built by İzzettin Keykubat and supported with 11 pieces of zodiac sign. On the southern front (part overlooking the sea) are towers measuring 32 meters high. It has a height of 18 meters and a thickness of 3 meters. These ramparts, which offer the possibility of visiting the historic prison from one end to the other, have been used as a guiding route for guards.
There are many cities in the world called prison, but no prison is as historical as Sinop prison. Your geographical position is the biggest influence in this and there are many reasons. The country of Sinop Civilizations is the only city of Anatolia. Despite being in the middle belt, it extends to the Black Sea like a mare head. This position adds an extraordinary beauty to it, but at the same time it makes an ideal Colonial City. There is always a fog on Colonial Towns in the early days. The information we obtain about their historical depth is not very clear. On the contrary, we see that there are more small settlements protected by castle walls. And on this scale, Sinop, BC. We know he went down to 6,500.
Sinop Prison History
It is known that Evliya Çelebi, one of the travelers who came to Sinop, said in 1640 about the historical prison; “A great and terrible stay. There are 300 iron gates, giant guards, their arms tied to iron bars, and each of them has 10 prisoners hanging from the edge. The guards wander like dragons in your signs. God is the guardian, not the prisoner, but the bird does not fly. ”
It was in 1887 that the inner calender was officially transformed into a prison. At that time Veysel Pasha built a single domed bath with new buildings. In 1939 another building was built to be used as a child prison.
In the past there were many people like Refik Halit Karay, Mustafa Suphi, Ahmet Bedevi Kuran, Refii Cevat, Hüseyin Hilmi, Burhan Felek, Celal Zuhut Bozneci, Sebahattin Ali (Composer of Aldırma Gönül ‘s voice by Edip Akbayram), Kerim Kocan, Osman Deniz, Zekeriya Sertel They have hosted the celebrity, and the composers, the writers, have taken their stays here.
I strongly recommend that you visit the Historical Sinop Prison, which continues to increase the number of foreign visitors every day, due to its historical importance and geographical position. Everywhere is beauty, happiness on all sides, peace and history all around you.