İnaltı Village of Sinop Ili Ayancık District, İncatı Cave, discovered recently, is one of the places that are hard to reach but worth seeing.
In 1995, a small amount of funding was sent by the Ministry of Tourism for the project works and in 2001, after a variety of activities such as lighting, environmental regulation, transportation, etc., the gateways were opened. The trips were made easy and easy access was provided. Projects of walking paths inside the cave have been prepared and reported to the Ministry of Tourism and efforts are being made for development.
İnaltı Cave is about 35 Km to Ayancık District and it is in Inalti Village. This cave is 400-500 m away and this cave is on foot from İnaltı Village. This curved wall, which is a sloping road and reached after a forest walk, is formed by travertines and a combination of locally formed stalactites. The İnaltı Cave with a width of 5-6 m and a height of 5-15 m is 700 m long in total and after 400 m is watery and muddy.
I want to talk about Akgöl, which is 6 km away from this cave, which is a project that has been faltered and is expected to support its development.
This naturally occurring lake is 6 km away from the İnaltı Cave and the Trout Facilities, which are built around it, make the moon an unforgettable moment when combined with the beauty of nature. In Akpol and İnaltı Cave, where the excitement is high, Sinop with plenty of oxygen is one of the places where you have to add your connection. Sinop, which I strongly recommend you to visit, is beautiful on all sides, happiness on all sides, peaceful on all sides.