It expresses a word that entered the Ottoman Empire from Persian. The original root is the “Bedestan,” the word, the precious and precious fabrics are displayed, the centers where the trading of jewelery and similar products are made. In the Ottoman Empire, as a muttasif, it took its place as a name given to the places of purchase and sale of fabric, jewelery and various valuable goods.
The first examples in Anatolia are seen in the 13th century. The structures that constitute typical examples of Ottoman architecture reveal a successful closed bazaar architecture with equal-sized dome. One of the most famous examples of our country, Trabzon Bedestendir. Bedesten, which is located in the center of Trabzon, is located within the boundaries of the Çarşı neighborhood. Although there is no definite information about the date of construction, it is clear that there is a Genoese structure built in the 11th century and that the Ottoman Empire was converted into a Bedesten without conquering the province of Trabzon.
The historian Bryer gives different information about the Bedesten of Trabzon. First of all, the mother of Sultan Selim in 1512 writes that the information about Trabzon Bedesten was written for the first time on imaret list written by Gülbahar Hatun. For this reason, it means that the construction would be done between 1461-1512.
Trabzon Bedesten reveals a great architectural feast. The Bedesten, which is regularly made of 28 cm stones, is structured with a square plan. In addition, 4 elephants are placed on the foot, architectural aesthetic has been gained. In the elephant feet, there are striking holes, interstice anchors. The wooden part is seated on these holes. The bedesten, which has a door everywhere, comes to the water from 48 rooms. The rooms on the top floor represent the offices of today’s traders, while the rooms below represent the point at which commodity trading takes place.
Reconstruction from Marangozhan
After the awareness of the preservation of the historical structures in our country emerged, it was saved from the sultanate of Marangozhanas, which destroyed the Trabzon Bedesten structure and lifted a great Ottoman Architecture from the point of view, at the end of 2000 and got the historical heritage with 400 million restoration works. Today, visitors to Trabzon, the architectural feast of the Bedesten where they live, as much as possible to the old structure. Today, there are merchants selling valuable goods in the bazaar as they were in Ottoman history. You can taste the traditional flavors of the Trabzon province in the area where the various restaurants are located.
Bedesten, an important work of Ottoman art, left the places that traders used as offices on the upper floors, Ottoman cafes, and the cafés suitable for cultures. Here you can have a cup of coffee to relax, be one of the best activists in your day and your journey.
Trabzon Bedesten Bazaar Accommodation
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