It is located 99 kilometers from the province of Trabzon. Uzungöl, located in Çaykara province, is a place approximately 1090 meters above sea level. The formation of Uzungöl was formed by clipping the rocks falling from the slopes to the middle of the valley, closing the front of Haldizen and cutting the connection with the sea.
The village named Şerah, located next to Uzungöl, has caused the formation of natural scenery, which caused the region to spread to the world with photographs, thanks to its wooden houses and its own local flavors. Today Uzungöl, which does not lose anything from its natural appearance, is being protected.
Uzungol’s Value in terms of Tourism
Uzungöl reveals an architecture that feeds people’s horizon and spirit as a landscape. Besides these, very good events are waiting for those who visit the region. In this sense, let’s count a few of you. Trekking, bird watching, botanical tours, Şekersu, Demirkapı, Yaylaönönü such as famous for visits and events are waiting for you. Associations and institutions established for this purpose are waiting for you in Uzungöl. This allows the guests to spend more time, explaining the places they are going to. In this respect, the number of foreign tourists is also very high.
Do not go all alone in the evening in the forests around Uzungol. When you think of wildlife, you can have bears. It would be best if you would not go out on a tour without being one of the villagers. Forests with animals such as foxes, wolves, bears, and wild goats are sometimes dangerous. The authorities say that you have not experienced an incident until today. But it depends on the reasons for not experiencing it, the precautions they have taken and the prompting of the guests. This is a good warning for you.
Local Tastes of Uzungol
Restaurants with the most delicious masters of the Black Sea region are waiting for you around Uzungol. Here you can start an organic breakfast, where you can vigorously schedule a busy excursion program. In that sense, I may recommend you to have breakfast at your breakfast, perhaps you have not eaten before or have not tasted it in your locality. The flavor presented as an antipasto of corn flour and cheese called “minci” is roasted in the real butter produced in the spring and turns your fingers into a delicious food that you can eat your fingers. Certainly the breakfast you will want to see in your breakfast menu, the organic menu is served as a hot menu.