Trabzon Castle, which is located in Kalecik, Araklı province of Trabzon province, is a structure built in a way that dominates the sea. After Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered the province of Trabzon, it was built to resist the attack that might come from the sea. The castle, built on one of the highest peaks of the city of Trabzon, is reported by historians who have benefited from the remains of the Trabzon Empire. The Trabzon Castle occupies an important place among the works that arrive untouched. Upper fortress, in the form of lower and middle fortress, continues from the sea level up to the city’s greatest hill.
Evliya Çelebi, the Ottoman traveler, visited Trabzon Castle. In his work he points out the following lines about kale: “There is a deep horn on the mountain side, similar to the hell hole, 77 men enter. The pure shear slip. There are mosques, conservation houses, cellars, cebehaneleri ”
The castle’s upstairs section is the center point of the castle, which is the city’s protective site. Here are the fronts where ball guns are used for spraying forces from the sea. The fact that the mouths of the façades are too big for the normal corpses have caused the historians to point out that the Şahin balls drawn by Fatih Sultan Mehmet were also used for the protection of the city of Trabzon.
The castle was built with stones recovered from the old ruins by the Ottomans. Historians declare that structures such as the area, the hippodrome, the towers, the baths and the palace are the places where the Trabzon castle is located. The inner structure of the castle was built as a large building from other fortresses, and the towers were built and the enemy was observed. The inner part of the interior is preserved by the western side, that is, the side facing the lagoon. In these parts where debris and blocks are used, we can sometimes say that human embossments are also found.

Trabzon Castle Central fortress section
Once you have recorded that the inner fortress and the fortress of the upper fortress are not regular places, let us say that there are imaret and zağanos doors, tannery and tower doors. There are also two important mosques here. The names of these mosques, the mosque of the middle fortress and the Friday mosque. In addition to this, there is a central mansion, government mansion, tower bath, double bath, Musa Pasha Mosque, Şirin Hatun Mosque.
The lower section of the fortress extends from Zaganos to the sea. On the east side is the market and the door of the mummy. Around this citadel is St. Andrea Church, Pazarkapi Mosque, eight regular baths, Amasya Mosque, Iskender Pasha Fountains, Tophane Bath, Kundupoğlu and Yarımbıyıkoğlu houses.