The province of Trabzon, which has all the features of the Black Sea region, is one of the biggest cities in Turkey. With this you can complain about a lot of places to visit when you arrive. After a tiring ride, you can go to Boztepe for the last time to bid farewell to the city and you can take a quick tour of the city and end your trip to Trabzon with a perfect spot in terms of terrific scenery. Boztepe, the first and last place to visit Trabzon, knows how to conquer the minds and hearts of those who come to Trabzon with their business, scenery and air. The hill, which is among the greens, is a good place for those who wish to see the bird’s eye view of the province of Trabzon.
Most of the visitors to Boztepe go to watch the sunrise in the morning. Quite early, those who do not want to deprive themselves of this wonderful sight come to grab one of the most beautiful places in the premises. As the sun begins to rise, you can see the heat of the sun and the heat of the first installations. I have to say that it is a great pleasure to do the Trabzon breakfast on the premises in this beautiful landscape. Some are flocking to the facilities to observe the sunset. It is sometimes very difficult to find a place to sit on the premises before the sun goes down in the evening. Even when you are very busy, you have to go in order to sit down. Boztepe, where visitors to the province of Trabzon came for sunrise and sunset, is an ideal place for those who want to experience the view of the Black Sea.
Under your unique Trabzon feet
Boztepe overlooking the center of Trabzon presents the vast sea view of the Black Sea to its guests. In the evenings, the unique light show that the city lights bring to the square makes it possible for those who visit Trabzon with their love or family to come to the scene of an environment that will give them a great night of passion. By leaving your troubles and distress and sorrows on one side, you can leave yourself to the refreshing and relaxing effect of the winds blowing over the Black Sea, and allow you to take your sorrows to the Black Sea. Boztepe, where you can experience quite emotional moments, should be called emotion hill. Boztepe, where poets and novelists meet their lovers, is an ideal environment for those who want to take a picture of the Black Sea and Trabzon scenery.
Must be Boztepe in your plans in your visit to Trabzon absolutely. I think this unique view will be a perfect place to hold your daily or memorabilia book for Trabzon. Boztepe, which only allows people to admire Trabzon with its unique beauty of the scenery, has a nice experience for you with its airy, tea, breakfast and businesses.
Facilities in Trabzon Boztepe
There are many facilities and businesses in Boztepe. Hepside stands for the best view, clean and hygienic. One of these is the vivarium facilities. In the morning you can have your breakfast in organic style. At the same time Çukurçayır tea garden is a beautiful and clean place. There are many alternatives like this in Boztepe. But in the morning and evening there is a density. There are a lot of people going to the facilities for an organic Trabzon breakfast.