The Hagia Sophia Church, which was built during the first Manuel Komnenos (1238-1263), the king of the Empire of Trabzon, is expected to visit today as the Hagia Sophia Museum. In fact, this building, which has been experiencing a great change, has been transformed into a mosque, a church and a museum many times. After the removal of the Trabzon Empire by the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han, the building which was a church until 1584, was converted into a community by sultan order after being abandoned, and the emrine of the Muslims was given.
During the First World War, the Russians were used as a depot where the churches and army munitions were held again with the invasion of Trabzon. Later, a museum was built during the republic period, but on Friday, June 28, 2013, a prayer was opened again as a mosque with the prayer of Friday.
It is built on the traditional architecture of the Byzantine churches of the foundation. In this respect, the fact that it has a square cross and a central dome emphasizes the traditional architectural features of the Byzantine churches. There are three entrances to the building, three in the north, one in the west and one in the south. It is possible to say that it is a great architectural work. The fact that the dome is twelve angles is a cinsten that reveals how the aesthetics of the old architecture are. Also, the fact that the domes are fixed with arches and pendants is another element that increases the aesthetics of the structure.
Historians have shown on the structure that the building was influenced by the famous Seljuk architecture at that time. One of them is that the portico façades have geometric patterns and the mukarnas niches in the west direction are confronted as an example of the Seljuk architecture. When you enter the building from the southern side, you will immediately see the creation of Adam and Eve on the entrance with the art of relief. You can also see the single-headed eagle motif on the same spot. It is said that the meaning of this motif is the symbol of the commemorations that have been ruled for almost 257 years in the province of Trabzon.
Hagia Sophia Ornaments
You may notice that the mosaic is included in the structure. The frescoes are based on the narration of some of the hadiths in the Bible. Also on one of the frescoes, Hz. There is a fresco that tells us that Jesus is creative. The Hagia Sophia Museum, which expresses an important value in terms of history with its central planning structure, master craftsmanship in stone work, mysterious structure of frescoes, magnificent portraits, has a number of figures that attract many people in terms of art history.