Uzungol (Long Lake)

It is located 99 kilometers from the province of Trabzon. Uzungöl, located in Çaykara province, is a place approximately 1090 meters above sea level. The formation of Uzungöl was formed by clipping the rocks falling from the slopes to the middle of the valley, closing the front of Haldizen and cutting the connection with the […]

Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle, which is located in Kalecik, Araklı province of Trabzon province, is a structure built in a way that dominates the sea. After Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered the province of Trabzon, it was built to resist the attack that might come from the sea. The castle, built on one of the highest peaks of […]

Sumela Monastery

It is built on the steep rocks in Altındere Village which is located at the Maçka district of Trabzon. It is called “Mother Mary” among the people. Meryem Ana, located about 300 meters high from the Altındere village, was constructed in accordance with tradition of clay rocks, forests, caves and traditional monastery constructions. The monastery […]

Hagia Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia Church, which was built during the first Manuel Komnenos (1238-1263), the king of the Empire of Trabzon, is expected to visit today as the Hagia Sophia Museum. In fact, this building, which has been experiencing a great change, has been transformed into a mosque, a church and a museum many times. After […]


The province of Trabzon, which has all the features of the Black Sea region, is one of the biggest cities in Turkey. With this you can complain about a lot of places to visit when you arrive. After a tiring ride, you can go to Boztepe for the last time to bid farewell to the […]

Bedesten Bazaar

It expresses a word that entered the Ottoman Empire from Persian. The original root is the “Bedestan,” the word, the precious and precious fabrics are displayed, the centers where the trading of jewelery and similar products are made. In the Ottoman Empire, as a muttasif, it took its place as a name given to the […]