Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace Information The palace was built in 1861 by Sultan Abdülaziz, and was the summer palace for the late Ottoman sultans and dynasties. The marble workmanship in the palace is one of the most important places to be seen in Istanbul in order to witness the many important details such as the materials used, […]

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Archaeological Museum, Old Oriental Museum of Art and Chinese Pavilion Museum. ARCHEOLOGY MUSEUM In 1887-1888, a museum building was needed where important works such as Iskender Lahdi and Tabnit Lahdi brought to Istanbul from the excavations of the King Necropolis of Sidon (Sayda, Lebanon), considered the most important discovery of the period. […]


Marmaris is a paradise corner where you can see all the shades of green and blue in twelve months of the year. From the five stars to the most modest pension, all tourists can spend their vacations in the heart of heaven. It is a haven for couples to enjoy all kinds of water sports […]


Muğla province, one of the South Aegean provinces, is a part of the province of Fethiye. It is a settlement concentrated in the sea coast in the coastal band which is located in the Gulf of Fethiye and is known as Göcek bay. Surrounded by steep climbing mountains except for the southern direction to the […]

Fethiye Travel Guide


Fethiye is a Mediterranean town full of beauty with words that can not be explained. If you are a nature lover and are looking forward to discovering new horizons in your life, you have a great choice for your holiday. In the natural paradise of Fethiye you will find cute little coins, sandy beaches, islands, […]


Bodrum is a tourism region that has been a center of interest for a long time with its fluent life and modern facilities. There are dozens of beauties in Bodrum. With enormous climatic conditions, the beaches that fill the eye and nature are almost a corner of paradise. It is possible to say that everywhere […]

Karatay Madrasa

The Karatay Medresesi is a medrese built in 1251 by Seljuks lieutenant Celaleddin Karatay during the reign of Anatolian Seljuks in Konya. The medrese is located in the foothills of the Alaeddin hill in Konya and is famous for its chines. The medrese, which occupied an important place in cultural life during the Anatolian Seljuk […]

Ince Minaret Madrasa

Konya Province is in the Selçuklu District, west of Alaeddin Tepesi. The Seljuk Sultan II. Izzeddin was built by Ata Fahreddin Ali at the time of Keykavus in 663 H (1264 AD) to teach hadith science. The architecture is Keluk bin Abdullah. Darü-l Hadith Seljuk Devriin’s courtyard is in the closed groups of medres. He’s […]

Alaeddin Mosque

Konya Alâeddin Mosque The mosque is one of the oldest Seljuk monuments and the building located in the Anatolian Seljuk capital, Konya, is located in the Taht Mahalli in the middle of the inner moat palace according to the Altunapa Foundation. The Anatolian Seljuk period is the oldest and oldest cami of Konya. Alaaddin mosque […]

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Sirince Village

The village of Şirince, which is situated between the green hills surrounded by olive trees, is one of the places that comes to mind when it comes to places to visit in Izmir. The village, which preserves its original historical architecture, hosts thousands of visitors from all over Turkey. Sirince, a Greek Cypriot village whose […]