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Perge Ancient City Travel Guide

Perge Ancient City

Perge: It is the ancient city in Anatolia, Pamphylia Region. Today, 18 km east of Antalya, near the village of Murtuna is the ruins. Perge was located on the trade route connecting Pisidia Region on the east by passing Pamphylia Region from east to west. It was also one of the most important cities of Pamphylia, since it was also very near to the Aksu (Kestros) River, which was convenient to reach at that time. The fact that the name of the city is not Greek indicates that it is an old settlement like Side. History: The city is first encountered in the 4th century BC. It was conquered by Alexander the Great in 333 BC. In the period when the city was under Seleucid rule, III. It was made in Antiochus time (223-187 BC). After the Apameia Peace in 188 BC, he went to Rome under the will of the Kingdom of Pergamum (133 BC) under Roman domination. The greatest development of the Roman administration was in the first three centuries AD. In the 4th century AD, Christianity began to weaken. He came to Arab raids. Seljuks in 1207, Hamidoğullarına in 1299 was taken. It joined the Ottoman lands in 139l by I. Murat. Historical Works: The actual city on the plains of the acropolis is divided into four divisions by two broad streets with a pillar and a water channel in the middle, which intersect in the south-north and east-west directions. In Perge, all the remains visible outside the temple, theater, the stadium, the Plancia Magna grave monument and the southern extension of the north-south cadast are all within the Hellenistic period city walls. The door (outer door) between the two square towers is dated to the Hadrian period. From the door, there is a rectangular courtyard, followed by a triumphal door. This, in turn, leads to the old city gate known as the oval courtyard door. This door, which is planned in the form of a horse-shaped and protected by two monumental round carriages, remains from the Hellenistic period. To the east of the door is a courtyard-type (peristyle) agora surrounded by pillars. There is a planned monumental fountain (nymphaion) at the northern end of the column of acropolis. Among the other important building remains remaining in the city walls are the baths of the western gate of the east-west cadet, which can be considered as well-preserved palestrains from the acropolis of the same house. Among the residences outside the city is Perge stadion, the second stadion which is the best ever day after Aphrodisias. This Roman structure dated to the 2nd century AD is 12 thousand people. The theater resting on a hill is 15 thousand people, similar to Greek theaters in plan form.

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